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Chinese ambassador to Oman visits site of CBMIE's OCC project

Source: China National Building Materials Import & Export Corporation

Date: January 20, 2014

On January 20, 2014, the eve of China's traditional Spring Festival, Wu Jiuhong, Chinese ambassador to Oman, led a team to visit the site of the OCC project of CNBM International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNBM Engineering) under China National Building Materials Import & Export Corporation (CBMIE).
The persons in charge of the OCC project department and the Oman Company of CNBM Engineering warmly welcomed the delegation, introducing the general information of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) and CBMIE, and reporting the progress of the OCC project.

After hearing the report by the project department, Wu noted, as a subsidiary of CNBM among Fortune Global 500, CBMIE should make great efforts in the OCC first-line production increase project in the emerging market--Oman, satisfy the owner and establish its brand in the market, thus laying a solid foundation for further developing the market. Also, CBMIEshould look into Oman's various policies instead of mechanically applying its experience from projects in other countries in terms of labor-management relations and customs policies; and should prevent low-price tendering and make every project profitable. Also, Wu exchanged ideas with the staff of the Oman Company on internationalization of Chinese-funded companies. At last, he wished CNBM greater development in Oman, thanked all the first-line workers sticking to their posts during the Spring Festival and wished everyone happy Spring Festival.
The delegation also visited the project site and the living camp, admiring the technical level and hardworking spirit of the field engineers and workers, and speaking highly of field production management and safety management.


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